The Plumbing Disaster

I came home on Monday after work to find a small puddle near our flower bed.  It was odd, but it didn’t alarm me.  When I walked in the door, I hear water running.  Now I was a little alarmed, but more curious to know what was up.  I did a walk around and didn’t see anything running.  After an hour of trying to find the issue, I come back outside and a majority of my drive way has running water on it.  So I cut the water off at the meter and called a plumber.  No one came that night but they did show up Tuesday afternoon.  The company that answered the call was Doug Turner Plumbing Co.

They came in and really walked me through what they were going to do.  I was fearful of expensive repair costs and he didn’t dance between raindrops in trying to sugarcoat anything either, which I appreciated.  He said that he would have to do some exploratory digging to see what the problem is.  

After that, we had 2 options.  Either run a brand new water line into the house, which would be close to $4,000 or take the risk of trying to find the leak and repairing that section only.  I say risk because there would be potential to not even find the leak, pay for that work and still have to drop the $4k for a new water main.  I was willing to take the risk of trying to find the leak and fix it because $4k is a heavy hit to the pocketbook. so they did more digging and did some cuts to our sheetrock where the water main is.  

After all the digging, cutting and $1500, we should have water back in the house by Wednesday.

2 days without proper running water is really a bummer.  It’s really awkward to not have it when your so used to it.  No running water stopped me from doing a lot of things that I would never question doing before.  I didn’t do anything too physical because I didn’t want to get sweaty/dirty and not be able to wash my hands.  I didn’t drink too much water because I wouldn’t be able to flush the toilet, I didn’t really eat too much cause I couldn’t wash the dishes… the list goes on.

Long story short, I still like having an older home, but I guess these last minute repairs come with the territory.  For tonight, our house will look a bit like a construction zone with a hole at the side of the house, but it’s worth the trouble to get water back.

6 Replies to “The Plumbing Disaster”

  1. Man, sounds like a pain but I’m sure it’s interesting to learn how it all works! Good laugh from a good read! Thanks!


  2. Man, that sucks! I would have done it for $1400…hit me up next time;)


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