Mission Trip

I was searching through an old email account and I came across an old picture from a mission trip I took to Dominican Republic back in 2002. 

Dominican Republic 2002

  That got me thinking of mission trips in general and how I really loved being a part of those.  In total, I’ve only been on 3 mission trips.  My first one was Dominican Republic back in 2002, my next one was to Mexico in 2005 followed up with another one to Mexico in 2006.  The Dominican Mission was through my cousin Kasey Mathew (she was Kasey Pollard back then).  She took a year off from working and committed one full year to live in the Dominican Republic and worked with a community down there.  I thought that was one of the most noble things I’ve ever seen anyone do.  My mind has always been about advancing in my career and doing well for myself.  Kasey was, and still is, “people-minded”.  It seems like she doesn’t know how to be selfish.  She’s always thinking of others and how to better their lives.  It’s a quality I hope to attain.  The 2005 Mexico Mission trip was through HYPF under the leadership of Dudley Jacob.  This trip was amazing.  The group was great and I really felt a close bond that was formed because of that trip.  It’s amazing how God places people in your life at the perfect time. 

Mexico 2005

  This was also when I really got to know Sheena and what she was all about.  I don’t recommend going on a Mission Trip to find true love, but I believe that mine was birthed through one.  This trip also showed me the true meaning of having a servant’s heart.  Everything we did was about serving others.  Not that the Dominican Trip wasn’t, but I guess I wasn’t mature enough to really realize the extent of how much that really mattered.  The next Mexico Mission trip was the following year, in 2006, with a different group, but still through HYPF. 

Mexico 2006

  Again, this was also an amazing trip and close bonds were formed because of it.  This trip we did more of physical labor in helping churches get cleaned/fixed up along with conducting bible studies and vacation bible school for the kids in the area.  All in all, the 3 mission trips I’ve been on have all changed me and have positively affected my life.  It made me realized that life is not just about me and what I want, but it’s larger than that.  It’s about the people around you and how you can be a positive influence or a saving grace for them.  It also opened my eyes to the fact that you don’t have to travel to another country to do it.  People need each other no matter where you are.  My goal now is to really make it a point to be there for people.  To be someone who others can rely on.  I’m not there yet cause I’m still a bit selfish, but I’m working on it.  Hopefully Sheena and I will be able to take another Mission Trip soon.

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  1. Fun Fact: I have been on all 3 mission trips with Sajan. Good times!


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