Michelangelo’s for Valentine’s day

Dear Michelangelo’s,

You suck.  Yes, Michelangelo’s located at 307 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77006.    Sheena and I showed up at 7pm.  We got seated after an understandable wait, which is fine, but then we proceeded to wait for 2 hours for our food.  That’s 2 hours with no communication from anyone.  No refills on our water or a fresh loaf of bread to snack on.  When we finally got our food, Sheena’s meal wasn’t even complete.  We weren’t the only ones unhappy.  We were placed in a private room upstairs and it seems like everyone there had some type of long wait, messed up order, slow service, or lack of attention to deal with.  Some of the people wised up and just left.  But Sheena and I were still hopeful.  We kept hearing how great the food was over there and with that nugget of hope, we waited… and waited.  Once we did get our food, it wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be.

I understand how things can get busy, especially during Valentine’s day, but that doesn’t excuse poor manners.  If the food is going to be a while, at the very least come up to me and let me know.  Lucky for us, Sheena and I were enjoying each other’s company, so the time flew by, but our rumbling stomaches reminded us that we still haven’t eaten.  If they simply checked on us and asked if we were ok, or if we needed a refill on our drinks, or give us a fresh loaf of bread to snack on… really anything would have been nice!

Finally, people around us started to get their food.  A bunch of us ordered at the same time, so when they started getting their food, we were very hopeful.  The first couple got their food and stormed out because it was the wrong order.  The next couple got their food and mentioned to us that it was cold… So then we were feeling like any minute we would get ours….  good or bad, we were just ready to eat.  Then people around us started finishing up their meals and we still hadn’t gotten our food!  I was ready to get outta there and have a romantic meal from the McDonald’s drive thru, but Sheena was still hopeful that at least the food would be good, even though we’ve been waiting for so long.

Finally the food comes out.  It was halfway decent, but because of the long wait and the horrible service, it made the food taste like crap to me.  I was really just ready to get out of there.

I noticed that a certain type of guest that came in (not trying to make it racial, but mainly the older, white crowd), were seated promptly and was served immediately as well.  I’m sure if you fit that mold, Michelangelo’s is the place for you, but it seems like they don’t care too much about attaining new customers.

Bottomline, I have no intension on going back there.  If it’s within my power, I would recommend that nobody go there.  I guess to avoid crappy food and having a bad experience like this again, it’s best to celebrate Valentine’s day a few days after.  It seems like the “nicer” restaurants treat their guest like a herd of cattle and serve subpar food on Valentines.  If you really want to enjoy your meal and get your money’s worth, go on a day when you can get the attention and quality you deserve.

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