Bringing the Beach Home!

Last Friday, Sheena and some friends had a girls night out in Galveston.  I thought it was a great idea for some of her friends to get together and just hang out.  It’s always nice to spend time with good friends.  Sheena drives the Trailblazer now, so it was only fitting for her to be the driver since it’s a bigger car to fit everyone in.  I didnt really ask for too many details of the night, but she mentioned that they had a really great time.  She also mentioned that a little sand was tracked into the Trailblazer.  I said that I would clean it up for her in the morning.  The next morning this is what I found:

And that’s just a sample of what was found everywhere!  Backseat, truck, outside, passenger seat…. everywhere!  Because of this “gift” I received, I’m looking for the “friends” that went with her to Galveston.  I’ve got a bucket of sand for your cars and a nice warm fist sandwich I wanna serve ya!

Of course… I’m just kidding.  It was pretty easy to clean up and I’m glad they got to have a great time together…. plus it gave me a reason to give the truck a good cleaning.   But next time, try hanging somewhere with a little less sand…

3 Replies to “Bringing the Beach Home!”

  1. hahahahaha! This was an awesome post. We intentionally sprinkled some extra sand so you’d have something to do Saturday morning. You’re welcome.


  2. Sajan, you are actually becoming a really good writer! I enjoy these little stories.


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