Baby on the way!

Earlier this month Sheena and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary.  In addition to that, now we’ve got a baby on the way!  The due date is supposed to be on September 19th, so we’re just counting down the days.  It’s a very exciting time for us, but I don’t think reality has sunk in yet.  I know that things are going to change for us just based on how the lives of our friends with babies have changed, but I guess I’m not ready to accept that fact just yet.  Sleepless nights, dirty diapers, taking care of another human being that fully relies on you… that’s a lot to take in! 

Things are happening quickly.  Luckily we’ve got our parents just a stone’s throw away, so we’ve got plenty of support.  That simple fact makes me really appreciate all that our parents have done for us.  Especially because of the fact that they really had nobody to support/assist them.  Add that to the barriers they were already facing (lack of language, culture shock, and just simply trying to make it in America), having a baby is a huge task to handle.  But they made it work and did it very gracefully.  Seeing that my parents could make it work is very encouraging for me and gives me to confidence to go through this journey.  Sheena and I are very blessed and have everything we need and want at our fingertips, so if our folks could raise a family with almost nothing, we better be able to do it with all that we’ve been blessed with!

We don’t know the sex of the baby yet, but I’m a planner, so I’m trying to dream up some names.  Right now, we’re calling him/her “Muttoncurry”.  If you have any suggestions, lemme know!

Here’s Muttoncurry’s first baby pic:

5 Replies to “Baby on the way!”

  1. Sajan – you are SO right about our parents and their ability to handle all that life has thrown at them. I’ve had a greater appreciation for our folks once Aidan came along. Parenthood is definitely a life-changing experience. But every single minute is worth it once you have the opportunity to meet the “new” love of your lives 🙂
    Congratulations again on the awesome news! Tobin and I are so happy for you guys!


  2. Congrats to both you and Sheena!!! Parenthood is an AMAZING journey…and even better when you have your parents around! 🙂 Not only to help, but to share their love with your child. Both my boys ADORE my parents, and would rather be with them than us at times, but it’s wonderful to see them grow up with their grandparents. It’s also such a blessing for our parents to see their grandkids around. There are difficult moments, but all the precious moments make it all worth while. Congrats again!!


  3. Awww…the first pic is always exciting! You guys will be great parents…don’t worry! We’re all learning as we go…. 🙂


  4. congrats to you both!! i like muttoncurry..if its a girl, go with muttoncurryamma or McAmma!


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