2 Turntables and a microphone

I’ve owned and operated Clear Concept Media for about 6 years now… time really does fly!  Along the way I was able  to meet a lot of cool people and I recently reconnected with one in particular, Arpan Upadhyaya (aka DJ  25/8).  When I first met him a few years back, he was spinning at one of our gigs and he was pretty good back then.  In getting to know him, he told me that he’s been doing this since he was 15, so he’s really had some time to perfect his craft.  Recently, he shot me a link to one of his live mixes and it blew me away… He was good when I first met him, but he’s grown to be leaps and bounds better!  Check out a sample of his work:  http://soundcloud.com/25_8

Nowadays you’ll find DJ’s using CD’s to create their live mixes when they spin, which means they’ll have 2 CD players that are basically turntables and they run their show from there.  That’s cool cause I’m all about using technology in anything you do, but there’s something about using vinyl when you’re mixing that I just appreciate.  It gives it that original, old school feel, which I like.  DJ 25/8 started off  on the CD mixes but then reverted back to vinyls.  The mixes you hear on the link above are recorded live on two Technics and a Rane TTM 56.  If you like what you hear and want a CD to jam while you’re on the road or whatever, let me know and I can get you a “mixtape” (on CD of course) for free.  If you need a DJ for any event, hit ’em up at: arpanu@gmail.com

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