Quick Trip to Austin

This past weekend Sheena and I did a last-minute trip to Austin with our good friends Tim and Jessica Thomas.  We only had one night there, but we filled it with some good times!  As soon as we got into town we went straight to Sam’s apartment (Tim’s brother).  There, we met up with our friends Lisa and Melody that had come the night before.  They recommended that we go to Hop Doddy for some burgers.  Since Sheena and I were a part of a Houston Burger Committee, we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to check out an Austin burger joint.  This place was awesome!  It’s on South Congress in the mix of a lot of other cool shops.  The spot itself was really trendy, but outside of its cool looking building and atmosphere, the burgers were delicious!  I would highly recommend checking it out if you’re in the area. 

After burgers we just walked up and down S. Congress and did some window shopping.  Going into antique shops and candy stores and checking out street venders turned out the be a fun lil event for us.  

The vibe in Austin is just so chill and laid back to where even if you’re simply walking around, you’re content.  It didn’t matter that we were really just doing nothing.  Afterwards, we headed to our state capital and shot some pics of the scenery.  

My good friends Aaron and Nancy live in a suburb just north of downtown Austin.  Nancy was gracious enough to open her doors to all of us so we made our way up.  It’s always nice to hang with my old friends, so that night was spent just clowning on each other and thinking about the fun times of the past.  It was good to reminisce

The next morning, we made our way to Flip Happy Crepes.  It’s a trailer styled breakfast joint that had a wide variety of crepes.  Another win in the food category of our trip.  As we ate our breakfast, one of Sheena’s good friends from college, Sonal, came to join us.  Since the weather was awesome in Austin this weekend, a good majority of the things we did were outside.  After breakfast, we headed out to Zilker Botanical Gardens for a last-minute photo session before we headed back to Houston. 

Heading home from any trip is always bitter-sweet.  It’s nice to get back to your own home and the routine of life, but after a fun weekend, it’s hard to let it end.  Riding back with Tim and Jessica was great.  It was fun having random conversations and picking each other’s brains about certain topics.  But now we’re back in good ole Houston and it’s back to reality….. till the next trip!

*All photos credits for the pictures used above go to Sheena T. Abraham

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