Jenzeela Wedding in Dallas

This past weekend my family and I headed up to Dallas to be a part of my cousin Prezeela’s wedding.  She’s now married to a pretty cool dude named Jensun Mathew.

Sheena and I scooped up my parents and one of my uncles and headed up to Dallas.  We left Houston around 2pm on Friday, but we didn’t reach Dallas until 7pm.  The extra hour was due to traffic in Houston.  That wasn’t really such a huge deal, but we really wanted to make it to the rehearsal, which started at 5pm.  Prezeela asked me to be an MC for the reception, so I just wanted to get there a little early to talk things through and get a feel for the format.  Being that we were only passing up Madisonville at 5pm, we just counted it as a loss.  Then we got closer to Dallas and we were staying in the loop as to what was going on through our friend Joel .  He was saying that the rehearsal didn’t even start yet!  Mind you, it was 2 hours later!  But regardless, it worked out for us cause we made it “on time”, so I have no complaints!

The wedding itself was beautiful and surprisingly it all ended on time!  Although there were a number of programs, some how it all ended at noon.  Then we headed to the Hyatt in the DFW airport where the reception was held.  This place was decked out.  The couple clearly made the effort in making sure things looked great!  Throughout the wedding and the reception, I’ve realized that Prezeela is surrounded by very talented peeps!  The bridal party, which consisted of family and friends did songs, video skits and speeches throughout the wedding and reception.  It’s awesome to see people using the talents they have.  Jency and Jeff James (sis and bro) in particular did a duet at the reception with a ukalailee… I thought that was really unique and was impressed to hear them do their thing.  Jaisy also did a song at the ceremony that blew me away as well… Like I said before, very talented peeps.

After all of the wedding festivities were finished, we went back to Samkutty Uppapan’s  house (one of my Dad’s younger brothers) and kicked it for the rest of the night.  We had to head back to Houston at 5:30am so that the Pastor that came with us could preach at church on time.  I definitely want not looking forward to getting up that early, but we got to Houston close to 10am, so we still had to whole day to do whatever we needed to.  Sheena and I took Mom and Dad out to lunch for Father’s day and then did some baby shopping.  But after that, I passed out till 10pm, just to wake up and go to sleep an hour later!  I guess I was more tired than I thought.

Overall, it was a fun weekend.  Quick, but fun.  Growing up, we used to make trips to Dallas all the time to see our family.  As of late, it’s just harder to do those weekend trips because we get so caught up in our own lives.  I hope we make it happen more often.  I want my daughter to enjoy these road trips as I did when I was younger.

Here’s some more pics of the weekend:

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