The Mani/Jacob/Thomas Family

This past weekend, Jamie and Blensy had their housewarming party.  Needless to say, it’s a beautiful home, but this post isn’t really about that… It’s more about the Mani/Jacob/Thomas family.  They’re all cousins as follows:

The Manis:  Manju, Cyndi, Jamie, Blensy, Jessie
The Jacobs’:  Dudley, Aby, Boby
The Thomas’:  Sam, Tim, Jessica, Josh

Here’s a pic of the boys, minus Manju:

You might see this pic as blurry, but it’s actually the camera not being able to handle all of the awesomeness…

It’s always great to hang with these guys!  They’re a ton of fun.  When you can get ’em all together, your mind will surely explode.  I’m happy to be good friends with this crew!  Dudley, I know you’re reading this.  Lets hang out at Starbucks before Lakewood service on Wednesday!

3 Replies to “The Mani/Jacob/Thomas Family”

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Dude, are you psychic??
    That was impressive. I am down for Wednesday!!


  2. Dude – this is the most awesomeest article ever!! Although you cut out an e in my name it DON’T MATTER CUZ THIS ARTICLE ROCKS!! If it were biologically possible – I’d officially make you our new cousin!!!


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