Baby Room!

Baby’s gonna be here very soon, so of course we had to prep her room!  Originally Sheena and I shared the room as our office and it worked pretty well for us.  It’s a bit messy, but don’t judge me! 

…but it just made better sense to convert it to the baby room

It’s still unfinished in that we need better lighting, add some shelving, and get a rocking chair but for the most part we’ve got the basics.

Sheena ended up having 3 different baby showers, so now the room is filled with toys, clothes and other fun baby stuff.  We feel so blessed already having all this love and support around us!  Now we just wait for the lil one to arrive!

2 Replies to “Baby Room!”

  1. So cool! We are so happy for you!! Where are you delivering? Could there be anything you would possibly need? We must send a gift!
    Love you guys!
    The Pollards (Leslie)


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