Side Table

An old friend of mine pointed out that I needed to put some lamps that are in the baby’s room on some tables.  I guess it’s not cool to simply light up the floor, huh?  Have you been side table shopping lately?  There’s some really nice pieces out there, but every time I looked at the price, I would be floored that something so simple would cost so much!  The simplest tables would cost no less than $70!

Being a cheap savvy Indian, I thought that I could build a table for way cheaper than $70, so I gave it a shot.  Worst case scenario, I would have wasted a few bucks on wood and some of my time, right?

I used this:

To turn this:

Into this:

Then a minor tweak to the bottom support and some stain made it into this:

There’s a little more staining I’d like to do, but this is the general idea.

All the materials set me back around $30 and I have enough left over to build two more side tables, which is great cause I’ll need one more for the baby’s room.  I do admit, it’s definitely not as pretty as the one’s found in the stores, but it’ll get the job done and it was fun to make!


2 Replies to “Side Table”

  1. I guess your skills have come a long way since building the gtribe table! Looks good man. Good job!


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