Layla Alex Abraham!

On September 15th, 2011, Sheena gave birth to our daughter, Layla Alex Abraham!  As you can imagine, it was an intense but awesome experience!  It’s hard to describe everything, but rest assure that it was amazing.

I don’t want to bore you with all the details of how things went down, but the quick story is Sheena basically went into early labor on Tuesday night.  She took the pain for 1 full day and then we decided to go into the hospital.  She wasn’t fully dilated, but they thankfully admitted her anyway.  It was about 36 hours of waiting.  Once that happened, there was about 1 to 2 hours filled with pushing, screaming and cussing, and then Layla was born!  I was able to assist for the delivery.  It was crazy!  I would advise everyone to be apart of it when the time comes.  You really gain a new appreciation for women and what they have to go through. 

After 2 more days in the hospital, we were able to come home.  We’re very blessed in that Sheena’s mom took 2 weeks off to stay with us and help.  I didn’t realize how much help we would need, so it is very much appreciated.  After Sheena’s mom’s vacation was up, my mom took 2 weeks off to stay with us and help out.  Then after mom’s vacation is over, Sheena’s cousin from Oklahoma is coming down to stay with us for a few days!  Like I said, we are very blessed to have people ready and willing to take their time and help us out like this!  In addition to that, the amount of friends and family that have come and visit are great.  We’re over joyed by all of the love that’s been showered on us!

It’s been a couple of weeks now that Layla’s been born, so we’re slowly getting the hang of things.  And everyday is something new.   It’s awesome to see her develop and grow.  I just feel blessed that God would deem us suitable to raise a child and to bless us with such a healthy little girl.  Another amazing thing is Layla was born exactly one year to the day of when Sheena’s father passed away.  So now instead of thinking of that day as a time of loss and mourning, we see it as a day of celebration and joy.  It’s beautiful how God orchestrates the details of our lives.  I just continue to pray that we be the parents that we are called to be and that we would raise her in a way that she would grow up to be blessed and a blessing to others.

Here’s some pics of our little one:

already fist pumping!

We’ve got some more pics to view on a Facebook album if you’d like to see more!

2 Replies to “Layla Alex Abraham!”

  1. you have a blessed family Saj. May God continue to bless you and your family. Layla is lucky to have awesome family and parents like you and Sheena.


  2. I almost choked up on this. Beautiful tribute my friend. Cheers to your family!


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