Dirty Thirty!

Why do people call their 30th bday “Dirty- Thirty”?  The only thing “dirty” about mine is Layla’s diapers.  Why not, “You’re an Adult – 30” or “Hello Backpain – 30” or “More Responsible – 30″… I guess it doesn’t have that ring to it, huh?

Well, today is the big day… What every person usually dreads.  I’m 30.  But I feel like I’m 29 1/2 so take that father time!  Since Layla was born only a few weeks ago, my 30th isn’t really a big deal to me.  I almost forgot about it entirely.  I guess time flys when you’re having fun!  An old friend from highschool (John Lee) posted on my wall “a dad and 30… u r old”.  When you put it like that, I guess I am, but 30 is the new 20, right?

Thanks for all the Facebook/Twitter/Gchat/Text love I’ve been getting all day!  Cheers!

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