Shootout in Suburbia

This past weekend, I was working on changing out my fence (blog coming soon).  While doing that, I witnessed something of great stupidity.  I live right off of a major avenue, so a lot of cars pass by.  While working I heard some car breaks scretching so I take a peek to see what’s going on.  As soon as I turn around I see two men yelling at each other from their cars.  One in a beautiful Camero and the other in an older SUV.  The SUV pulls into my neighborhood across the street from where I was working.  The Camero stays in the middle of the avenue behind my house.   They scream at each other a little more and then Camero decides to leave his car in the middle of the street to confront SUV.  SUV antagonizes him by cussing him out and driving a little bit forward as Camero gets closer to him.  Finally Camero gets close enough to SUV to hit his truck with his hand.  Then SUV gets out of his car.  By then I’m yelling at them to chill out and go their separate ways.  They both look at me, but then continue yelling at each other.  More words pass, but then finally SUV walks back to his truck.  I think it’s over, but SUV comes back and pulls out a gun!  Immediately Camero says, “I’m gonna call the cops”.  SUV responds with “I have a license to carry this!”.  Then SUV cocks the gun back and points direct at Camero.  Now I’m yelling at them saying “that’s enough!  Don’t do it, just go your separate ways”….  Again, they both look at me and continue to do their thing.  Then Camero starts backing away and repeats out loud SUV’s license plate number.  He then goes back to his car saying “I got you motha*&#%@$”.  They both end up jumping in their cars and drive away.  SUV looks a little embarrassed cause he made eye contact with me and had a sheepish grin on him.  About 2o minutes later, Camero comes back to the scene with a cop right behind him.  I don’t know what happened after that, but I assume Camero didn’t like a gun being pulled on him.

Just so you know Camero was probably in his late 50’s or early 60’s and SUV was probably in his mid-40’s.  I couldn’t believe that these grown men were acting like idiots!

Lesson for the day, don’t be an idiot.

2 Replies to “Shootout in Suburbia”

  1. “don’t be a an idiot” one of the best lines from The Office. I quote it all the time. 🙂 I was hoping you would share this story.


  2. that takes a lot of guts for you to even say something to them. its a scary world and who knows if those “idiots” would of turned on you.


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