Layla’s 1st Day at Daycare

Monday, Oct. 1st was a bitter sweet day.  Layla started daycare.  Sheena and I were both nervous but excited for her.  She’s pretty social and likes to be around others, especially kids, but we didn’t know how long she would be cool with being away from familiar faces.  Before this, she either stayed with my mom on her days off, or stayed with a close friend’s aunt from our church.  Throughout the day, I wondered if she was happy, if she was crying the entire time, if some other kids were bullying her around… but overall, I figured this was good for her.  I think our parents were the most reserved about the idea of going to daycare.  Sheena mentioned that my Mom would call her throughout the day to see how Layla was doing.  After work, I went to the daycare to scoop up my lil girl.  I was expecting her to run to me with a sigh of relieve that her daddy came to save her from the unfamiliar place.  I was WRONG!  She could careless that I showed up.  I came in during snack time and she was content eating her goldfish and sipping on milk.  The teachers told me that she did great for her first day.  That was a relief.  The owner came by and chatted with me as well.  She mentioned that Layla did amazing and that I should be proud of her (which I am!).  She did give warning that the 2nd day she may cry a bit more.  Sheena dropped her off on Tuesday morning and as soon as she saw her classmates, she ran to ’em and totally forgot about Sheena…

I don’t know if I should be happy or sad.  I mean, I’m glad that she’s doing well and gets along with other people easily without a dependence on Sheena or me, but come on!  At least gimme a fake tear or something!  I’m totally kidding.  I’m really happy and proud of her.


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  1. I am only a “close” friend!!!!!! I thought we were “BEST” friends.


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