31 years young!

On 10/11/12, I turned 31 years old.  I got a lot of texts, calls, and facebook hits wishing me well!  Its great to have wonder family and friends.  After work, I scooped up Layla from daycare and when I got home Sheena was cooking up some steaks for dinner!  Later that night one of my oldest friends Pratik came by and kicked it for a bit.  Overall a chill birthday, which is right up my alley!  It was great!

The next day another one of my old friends, Aaron stopped by with his wife Nancy to drop off their pup Zoe for us to dog sit for a few hours.  Sheena loves dogs and she particularly loves Zoe!  Layla was excited to have a pup around the house too.  It was fun to see her interact with Zoe.  She was excited and would giggle, but also was very cautious just in case Zoe was about to lick her face.  She didn’t cry or anything, but just cautious.  After a short while Zoe got bored of us and missed her owners, so she would just lay there

On Saturday Sheena, Layla and I participated in a 5K walk in Telfair.  Our neighbor/friend Marsha and her son Nikhl joined us.  It was an early start, but it was a beautiful day to go for a stroll through a really nice neighborhood.

After the walk, Nicky got his face painted

After the walk, Sheena and Layla went to a babyshower so I had a few hours to myself.  I ended up cleaning out the air conditioner unit’s pipes by pouring bleach through the T-pipe in the attic.  Upon doing that, I found that liquid was leaking into the drip pan (which is not good).  So I spent about an hour cleaning up a dirty drip pan.  Not fun, but it was necessary, so I just knocked it out.

Later that evening Sheena set up a birthday dinner for me at Ruggles Green in Sugarland Town Center.  It was nice to have a few friends together and just hang out.  If you haven’t been to Ruggles Green, check ’em out.  They haven’t officially opened, so they’re still working out some kinks, but overall, its a nice lil spot.

One thing I realized is that there are a lot of October babies.  If you clock back 9 months, that basically puts you into February (the home of Valentines Day), so I guess it kinda makes sense, right?  Outside of the Texans losing to Green Bay on Sunday night it was pretty much a great weekend!  Thanks again for all the love on my birthday!

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