Sugar Land Town Center Christmas Tree Lighting

On Dec. 6th, 2012, the City of Sugar Land hosted a Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony.  I’ve never heard about it, but one of Sheena’s cousins (Janie Joy) invited us to it, so we decided to check it out.  It was packed!  I didn’t expect there to be that many people in the Town Center.  Kinda cool to see everyone out and about.  The weather wasn’t too bad, so that made it easier to be out there.

There were various booths set up everywhere and a large choir from 2nd Baptist Church (I think) was singing Christmas Carols on the City Hall steps.  Pretty festive.  Then a marching band lead the way for a mini parade which lead to the main event…  Santa and Mrs Claus was making their way to light up the Christmas Tree!  They created such a huge build up.  Then the count down began.  10, 9, 8…… 3, 2….. and the scene went from this:

Xmas Tree Before

to this:

Xmas Tree After

A little anti-climactic if you ask me.   But it was still fun none the less.  After the lighting, there were snow machines pushing out “snow”.  It was actually bubble machines, but it did give the look of snow.  Layla had a great time with that.  Jason Joy and Sheena snapped away and caught some pretty cool shots.  The evening was fun cause it gave us some time to hang out with some of Sheena’s cousins

Janie, Ashley and Layla

And it also gave Sheena a chance to snap some shots.  Sheena has a tendency to make you stay at a place for a while cause she wants to capture the moments… it’s not so fun while you’re waiting, but the end product is always great!

the pro at workAfterwards, we went to Guru Burger for some dinner.  That place never fails to leave me satisfied.  They are consistent when it comes to producing good food!

After checking out the Tree Lighting this year, I wouldn’t mind making it a tradition to go back every year.  Its just another fun event to attend and highlights the season a bit more.

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