iPhone 5 for $0.66!

A little over 2 years ago, I purchased an HTC Evo.  I thought (and still think) it’s a great phone.  When I bought it, Best Buy was offering a “Buy Back” program where they take the actual value of the phone (roughly $700 at the time) and give you a percentage of that value back if you choose to upgrade with them.  Over time that percentage drops.  So even though I paid $200 (since I renewed my contract), they would still take the percentage of the actual value.  I’m usually very skeptical about these things and never really buy into them, but for $30 extra, it was worth getting.

Fast forward to today.  Over the weekend, I decided it was time to get an iPhone. The real push was because my firm will give me an allowance on a monthly basis to surrender my Blackberry and use the Good app, which is only available through Apple.  So for me, it would be one less device to carry around and it’ll put a little extra cash in my pocket.  I’m not one to pass up free money.  To top it off, Best Buy was offering a $25 Gift Card if you purchase the iPhone 5.  Although I loved my Evo, that deal was too good to pass up.

When I got to Best Buy, I totally forgot about the “Buy Back” program.  I was lucky to have a very helpful guy working with me that actually brought it to my attention.  After running all the traps, Best Buy would offer me $180 for my Evo!  With the $25 Gift Card, I would basically have a $205 credit towards my new phone!

So I walked away paying around $27 for my brand new iPhone 5!  If you wanna consider the $30 I spent to be in the Buy Back Program, I guess you can say I spent $57, but even still, I’m content!

This morning, I checked my inbox and discovered that Best Buy is now offering a $50 instant rebate for the iPhone 5!  I feel like I’m getting greedy, but I’m going to see if they’ll honor that for me!

Best Buy doesn’t offer the Buy Back Program any more because it was a money pit for them, but I’m glad it worked out for me!

UPDATE:  Best Buy honored the $50 rebate for me, so now I’ve actually only paid $0.66 for the iPhone 5!  Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!



3 Replies to “iPhone 5 for $0.66!”

  1. Can you be our Lowest Price research guy? We may save a few thousand dollars a year that way!


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