Nate’s 3rd Birthday Party!

Over the weekend, our good friend Nate (G and Judy’s 3 year old) had a birthday party at Monkey Bizness!  Party Starter  Monkey Bizness is basically a warehouse styled complex that contains various party areas that are rented out with an extremely large room full of bouncy houses that we had all to ourselves!  Driving up to the place, you would never know.  It’s in the mix of a business complex and you would just assume it’s another warehouse.  I’ve never seen anything like it!  Pretty impressive and more importantly, Layla had a blast!  Layla playtime

The parents would climb alongside the kids and slide down the massive bouncy slide all together.  It’s amazing how many times the kids would want to climb up the ladder to slide down.  It was cute because Nathan would climb up there all by himself, but if an adult wasn’t there to slide down, he would either wait till someone came up, or he would try to climb down the ladder himself.  Of course, he never had to climb back down all the way because if the birthday boy wants to slide down, then one of the parents were bound to gladly go up and assist.bouncy houses galore!  I got brave and thought I could put both Nathan and Layla on my lap and slide down on my first go around.  The result?  I burned my elbow against the vinyl (kinda like a glorified carpet burn).

After about an hour of the bouncy houses, we were all getting pretty tired, which worked out perfectly because we moved into the party room for lunch!  Chick-fil-a, pizza and sandwiches? Don’t mind if I do!

Nate and his folks

It’s crazy to see how fast he’s growing up.  Among G-Tribe (my close circle of childhood friends) Nathan is our first child.  Of course it’s great to see him grow and develop, but it’s also kinda sad to see how quickly it’s happening.

All in all, we love him and wish him the best.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATHAN!

Nate and his cake

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