iPhone 6s for $16!

I currently have the iPhone 5s.  It’s great, but ever since Sheena upgraded to the iPhone 6, I’ve been a bit jealous.  The photo/video quality is amazing on her phone. Plus all the extra features… I mean, I’m really happy for her, but I WANT ONE TOO!  I couldn’t justify spending over $200 for a new phone when my current one was working well, so I left it alone.

Over the weekend, I came across a deal in my inbox. Best Buy said they’re taking $100 off the iPhone 6s!  So that means I could get the basic 16GB version for $100.  Not bad, right?  I make my way to the store and chat with the phone guy. In that convo, he says, “you know… since you’re out of contract, if you trade in your old phone, Best Buy will give you a $200 gift card that you can use towards the purchase of your new phone”… I almost pooped myself.

With this new discovery, I decided to “upgrade” to the 64GB from my former 16GB.  I’ve been snapping a ton more pics and video, so it’s justified #Dadlife.

Here’s what my transaction looked like:

iPhone 6s breakdown

Awesome right?  If you missed it, not only did I upgrade from a 5s to a 6s, but I also upgraded from 16GB to 64GB!

I have to insert another qualifier… I paid an extra $130 for 2 years of Apple Care.  My contract is up every 2 years, so if my phone breaks in that time period, I wanna be covered.  So really, I walked out paying around $150ish.  Still a pretty solid deal, right?  If you knew how much I paid for my iPhone 5s, you wouldn’t think this is too great, but I’m happy none the less!

IMG_6606 IMG_6607


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