A friend of mine, Apurva Sanghavi, created a workspace called START Houston.  It’s basically a really cool, renovated warehouse in EaDo (East Downtown in Houston) where start-ups and entrepreneurship can rent out office space or even just a table to run their business or work on their solo projects with like-minded peeps.

They recently had a Demo Day where a few start-ups would present their ideas to a panel of VC’s and other successful entrepreneurs.  It was cool to finally check out the space, but what was even better was getting the opportunity to hear some of these ideas and also hearing the feedback from the panel.  Invaluable information!

Walking in you’re welcomed by a really cool rock garden and tinted windows leading into the space

Start Hou Rock Garden

Coming into the event, we saw that the house was packed and everyone was ready to hear the new ideas and business projects.  Free bun-mi sandwiches, spring rolls and beer were a nice added touch!

packed house

When it was time to start, Apurva herded the crowd into the “presentation” space.  It’s a recently converted garage of the building that was able to seat a good amount of people comfortably.

getting started

It was awesome.  The entire concept is great.  I love the fact that there’s a thriving Start-up community in Houston and I also love the fact that Start Houston is in EaDo.  I’ve always thought it was a really cool part of town and with the continued development in that area, it’ll only get better.

If you’re an entrepreneur or a part of a start up business, you should really consider looking into Start Houston.  They have a lot to offer!  Check ’em out at http://www.starthouston.com/

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