Daddy Daughter Weekend

This past weekend Sheena was out on a retreat for work, so Layla and I spend a good chunk of the weekend together!  I’ve done this before, but it’s always a little nerve racking when I think about it…  But it turned out OK… we both made it out without a scratch… well, I got a few but it’ll heal.

Friday I scooped up Layla from my parent’s house.  She always has a great time there.  They basically have no rules and she takes full advantage of that.  When we got home we basically played in her toy room for a bit and then stayed up late to watched Jimmy Fallon.  Really it was just me cause she passed out way before Fallon even started.  Actually, we both basically passed out in front of the TV cause I’m just getting old.

Saturday morning she got up around 6:30ish.  I told her that it is a sin to get up that early on a Saturday, but she wouldn’t believe me, so we ended up getting outta bed around 7am.  I made some eggs for breakfast, which is hit or miss with her, but she ate ’em up.  She loves yogurt, so she had to have some of that too.


We had a few things to do on Saturday, so we got dressed and started our day around 10am.  First we hung out with my Dad for a lil bit at his house.  Then after that, we headed to Sophia’s birthday party.  Sophia is our friend Reena’s second daughter.  She turned one and they’re also moving up to Chicago, so it was sort of a going away party as well.

Bday Girl and her mamma

They rented a moonwalk that Layla really enjoyed.  When it was cake cutting time, Layla got into the icing but it didn’t mess up the cake too much (I hope!)

She got to hang with a bunch of her lil friends and be cute with the adults as well

Abby, Layla and the elephant!

Rhonney and Layla

At the party they had some amazing BBQ  which Layla gobbled up as well.  Feeding isn’t my strong suit, so when she actually eats a good amount of food, its a big deal to me!

Afterwards we took a break at home and got ready for church that evening.  LWCC has a bible study called the Gathering and this past Saturday we all made Valentine’s Day Cards for teens and individuals in shelters.  It was a great opportunity to show love to those that might not regularly get it.

vday card factory


Layla had to show Blessy how to make a proper Valentine’s Day card.

Blessy and Layla

After that we just headed home and wrapped up for the night.  Gave her a lil something to eat, gave her a bath and threw her in bed.  Since we had a pretty full day, she went to sleep pretty fast.  Around 1am she woke up a little fussy and wouldn’t let me put her down.  I walked her around the house for about an hour until she was in good sleep for me to put her down again.  It was exhausting, but manageable.

Sunday morning was pretty easy.  I got up before she did, so I was able to take care of a few things around the house.  After I finished washing the dishes, I came to the room to see her wide awake and just hanging out.  So we start getting ready for church.  We went to IPC that Sunday for Maya’s dedication (Earl and Asha’s daughter).  Our good friends Tim and Jessica came over so that we could car pool.  It was great to start off the morning with those guys!  They’re too much fun.  Maya’s really popular, so we had to stand in the back of the church.

Maya's dedication

(photo credit to Tim Thomas)

Layla was a being really good, but I think she was starting to get a little sick.  She slept for most of the service and wasn’t her usual self.  I think she also started to miss her mommy as well.  But after service she was Miss Popular with everyone coming to her and saying hi.

On a side note, the English service at IPC is awesome!  I really enjoyed every aspect of it!  Ps. Jason James’ message, the praise & worship, the format of it all… it was great!

Afterwards we went to Earl’s dad’s house in Pearland for lunch.  Sheena’s retreat was over around the same time so she met us up there as well.  Layla lit up when she saw her.  It was sweet.  We didn’t really get to stay too long at lunch cause Layla started to get a little fussy, so we headed to Sheena’s mom’s house since we were in the neighborhood.  After hanging there for a while, we made our way back home and just chilled for the rest of the day.

Not too crazy of a weekend on paper, but I do have a new appreciation for single parents!  Layla’s pretty easy going, so it wasn’t too difficult, but certain things are just hard when you’re running solo.


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