Nicknames are fun.  Sometimes they’re very obvious and sometimes it doesn’t make any sense at all.  For example, my Dad is known as Airport Baby.  His name is Babychan (Baby) and we used to live by the airport.. makes sense.  Or I remember this one uncle used to be called “Jack in the Box”.  Can you guess why?  Cause he worked at Jack in the Box.  To this day, I still don’t know his real name.

Other nicknames do not make any sense at all.  Take me for example.  For as long as I can remember up until around college, my parents called me Motta (which means egg).  My parents now call Layla (my daughter) by Kekeree… which isn’t even a word!  In middle school some girl decided that Sajan was too hard to pronounce so she kicked off the nickname sausage (or sauce for short).  That stuck till shortly after college with a few select people.  There’s no reasoning behind it, but it just happens.

Yesterday, Sheena and I went to Crawfish Heaven with “Late Lisa” and “No Hugs Sherene”.

crawfish heaven

Their nicknames have been earned.  I’ll start with Late Lisa.  There’s not much to it… she’s ALWAYS late.  I need to be fair.  She got a lot better about not being late to things, but yesterday’s dinner was delayed by 45mins because Late Lisa fell back to her old ways!  I understand that people run late from time to time, but because of Late Lisa’s history, I don’t have much space for tardiness with her any more.  Although she delayed dinner, which delayed me picking up my daughter and also tied me up from not doing anything else during that time, we’re still good friends cause I just can’t stay mad at her for too long.  I dunno… She’s like the sister I never wanted.

Now on to “No Hugs Sherene”.  When I first met No Hugs, it was in a group setting.  In our circle of friends, it’s common that we give hugs when we leave… I don’t know how it started, but it’s just something that stuck.  So when I went in for an appropriate side hug, she straight up stopped me and said “I’m not comfortable hugging people”.  I can respect that… but I really enjoy clowning on people, so whenever people referred to Sherene, I would follow up with “which Sherene?  you mean No Hugs Sherene?”.  Mind you, I don’t know many Sherenes, but I just thought it was funny.  Somehow that name started to spread like wildfire.  Then I just started to feel bad.  But not too bad to stop calling her No Hugs.

During dinner, No Hugs asked if I was going to blog about the crawfish.  I really didn’t plan to, but it got me thinking about Nicknames…



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  1. I don’t know how you do it—–but these posts are very entertaining!


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