Raking the lawn

I really like our house.  I like the fact that it was built in the 90’s because it gives the home a bit of character and we’re fully equipped with mature trees on our lawn.  The trees gives us great shade on sunny days and also blocks some of the rain when I’m running to my car in the driveway on rainy days.  The negatives of mature trees are the large roots threatening our foundation and the excess of leaves that are shed by the minute.  Raking leaves isn’t usually a fun job to do.  It’s usually a solo job and I mistakenly wait till there are a ton of leaves to actually rake up.  The other day, the weather was really nice, so I felt that it would be nice to do anything outside.

That “anything” turned into raking leaves.

Writing a blog about raking leaves is kinda wack, right?  Well, Sheena made it very entertaining with pics of Layla!  Click HERE to read her blog.

With Sheena and Layla out there as well, the job wasn’t so bad.  I ended up having about 10 bags (more or less) of leaves at the end of it all.  It was nice to spend time with the family, enjoy the weather and actually be productive all at the same time!

On another note, today is Good Friday.  14 years ago today, I got my first car.  It was a beautiful green Honda Accord.  I was really proud of it!  I don’t have that car anymore, but sometimes… when things are slow… I jump on craigslist in search for it.  I hope I come across it in some magical way and we are reunited…

4 Replies to “Raking the lawn”

  1. Get over the accord….hahaha.
    Invest in a blower….it will make the ‘anything’ go faster.


  2. Wow things from the 90s are old now? I’m going to put my discman headphones on and pretend I didn’t hear that.


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