Layla’s first hair cut

This weekend was pretty busy.  Friday was the Second Mile Missions Banquet. Saturday morning I mowed and raked the lawn.  At noon. I had a National Committee Meeting for the IPC Family Conference and then immediately after that I had a Local Youth Committee meeting for that same conference.  That basically ate up my entire day.  Saturday was also my niece, Priya’s birthday party.  I wasn’t able to go because of the meetings, but Sheena and Layla went.  Before that, Sheena took Layla to get her first hair cut.  I really wanted to be there, but since I couldn’t Sheena was gracious enough to snap a bunch of pictures for me.

Prepping for the haircut:


Realizing what’s going on (with a cracker in her mouth):I don't like this...

Getting over it and moving forward:actually, this isn't too bad...

The finished product:all done!

Showing off my fresh cut at my cousin’s party!play time!

The hair cut wasn’t anything drastic… you can’t even tell she got a haircut, but it’s defiantly nice to have it a little more tame than it was before.

Sunday we went to church at Sugarcreek and we ran into Wilson and Jolly.  Their daughter is super cute, so we had to snap some pics:the girls


After church we met up with some family for lunch at Amazon Grill.  Since Sherry was in town for Priya’s birthday, Kasey and Wes got us all together to celebrate her birthday a little early.Amazon Grill

Sheena had an HYPF Board meeting Sunday evening, and I took my folks to Sam’s because they wanted to pick up a few items… of course if Layla see something she wants, her grandparents immediately buy it….shopping with the grandparents

After all of that, I got a call from Pokie and Julie, so Layla and I  joined them for dinner in Town Center.dinner buds

Like I said, a pretty busy weekend, but busy is good.

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