Paul Hastings Houston – One year anniversary

About a year ago, I joined the Paul Hastings family.  Throughout that year, I’ve come to meet and work with some great people.  In addition to that, we’ve had our fair share of parties!  Each party always had great food.  Last night we celebrated our one year anniversary from when we opened up the Houston office.  Dinner was at Vincent’s Restaurant (off of W. Dallas St.)  It was awesome!    A great majority got the filet.  Although I was tempted by a good steak, I went with the Salmon.salmon!

Before the main course even came out, there were really great appetizers that never stopped coming around!  I wasn’t able to snap any pictures of that because I was too busy stuffing my face.

Also, each of us got massive diamonds as a One Year Anniversary Gift!shine bright like a diamond!

Actually…. it’s a plastic paper weight… but still pretty cool if you ask me!

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