Weekend Review [June 8th, 2013]

This past weekend was pretty casual.  My folks just got back from India, so we spent some time with them.  Friday evening, our good friend Pokie gave us a call so we all went out to dinner at Ruggles Green in Sugar Land Town Center.  It’s a really nice joint, but the food is hit or miss.  Luckily for me, it was a hit this time!  Layla loves Ava, so she was super excited to hang out.Friends!


Ruggles Green has a super sweet patio area.  It was nice out, so we sat outside and it also gave the girls a space to run and play.running

running the patio


Saturday was another chill day.  Sheena had to work in the morning, so Layla and I hung out.  She wanted to go outside, so we went for a walk around 8am. Then I wanted to go to Home Depot to do some research on an upcoming project.  Layla was sooo bored so after a little while, we left.  Then she wanted to see her Appachan and Ammachi, so we went to my parent’s house.  She stayed there for a bit, so I was able to mow the lawn and take care of things around the house.  That evening, Sheena had a speaking engagement at one of our sister churches, so we got ready for that.  Sheena loves to get opportunities to speak, and I love hearing her speak, so it was a win-win.  The only downside was that we missed one of our friend’s fundraising parties.  She hosted a game night at her house to raise funds for her mission trip to Africa.  Of course we still plan to contribute, but it would have been nice to join them for game night too!

Sunday was another relaxed day.  Sheena had another speaking engagement at a church (this one was work related) and Layla and I headed to our church.  We regrouped for lunch back at home.  Sheena’s cousin Tommy and his wife Laura were throwing a birthday party for their 3 year old, Mary Jo.  There were a bunch of kids at the party, so Layla soaked it all up.happy birthday...

After the party, we headed home, but Layla continued to sing “Happy Birthday” for the rest of the day.  There was still a good amount of day left, but we had no plans.  So we had tea and cupcakes in the backyard.tea and cupcakes

Then later that night, Layla helped Sheena put the dishes away.put away dishes

Nothing extraordinary about this weekend, but it was nice to have free time to do whatever we felt.


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