Father’s Day Weekend!

The weekend was pretty busy… but it was a casual-busy, if that makes sense.  We had things to do, but it wasn’t too pressing.  Friday we hung out with the Mani’s at there house.  Layla played the role of big sister to Guliana very well by holding her hand and singing songs!friends!Saturday morning I did a little clean up in the garage, but the main event were 2 parties we were invited to.

First party:  Our friends Anup and Sarah are going to India to get married!  Some of the peeps from church hosted a little “pre-wedding” party for them.  It was nice to be able to spend some time with them before they headed out to get hitched!cutting the cakeThey’re such a great couple and I wish nothing but the best for ’em!

Second Party:  Nissa’s 1st birthday!  Our friends G and Judy’s daughter was turning 1, so we headed to their house for the festivities.  They have an older son, Nathan who’s 3 years old now.  Being at Nissa’s party, I couldn’t help but reminisce about Nathan’s first bday!  Things have really changed in those short 3 years.  Namely the adult to kid ratio!nissa cake cuttingThey rented a bounce house that the kids loved!  They couldn’t get enough of it! boys bounce houseLayla stood on the sidelines for a little bit….layla watchingBut couldn’t resist, so she jumped in as well!layla bounce houseG and Judy set it up perfectly… Get the kids tired from jumping around in the bounce house, then feed ’em while they watch a movie inside.

It was busy, but a great Saturday!  On Sunday morning, I woke up to a nice Father’s Day Breakfast!father's day breakfastAfter church we picked up some food and had lunch with my Dad to celebrate Father’s Day with him.  With all that eating, we had to go for a walk.  We have a trail right by our house, so it was nice to just walk outside our door and get moving.  The weekend was hot, but in the shade, it’s bearable.

Overall, another great weekend!  Good times!

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