Wedding in Atlanta

This past weekend was my cousin Ansu’s wedding in Atlanta.  She married a pretty great guy named Biju.  Weddings are always a great opportunity to catch up with family!  We had a little bit of a hiccup from the start.  I booked the flight through Southwest, but it was going to be an AirTran operated flight.SW and AirtranThey had issues on their end, which kept us at the ticket booth for about 30 minutes.  Luckily we came to the airport pretty early, so we didn’t miss our flight.

Once we landed, I headed to Ace Rental Car where I booked a Ford Explorer (or similar).  When I finally got to the car, I find that they hooked me up with a Suzuki Doo-Doo.suzukiNot that its a horrible car, but it just wasn’t what I expected (or paid for).  But it got us around, so I won’t complain.

Atlanta is pretty awesome.  The weather was nice, the scenery was beautiful/green and the developments seemed very new… the only downside was how sprawling everything was.  It seemed like everything was a minimum of 20 minutes to get places.  So after getting out of the airport, we went straight to my cousin’s house and had a mini family reunion.  That was short lived because everyone needed to head to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

We made a quick pit stop to our hotel, freshened up and made our way out again.     During the pit stop, Blesson and Jolly surprised us with some cupcakes For the most part, Friday was just driving and hanging out with family.

Saturday morning was the wedding day.  Everything turned out really great.  It was awesome to hang out with family and be a part of Ansu’s big day.flower up!We caught Ansu and the bridesmaids pulling into the church.bride and crewhere comes the bridethe couple

Layla did her best to stay in the church, but after a while, she just needed some fresh air, so we hung out in the lobby.Layla dressedAfter the wedding ceremony, it turned into a photo photogsfamily

Here’s a pic of our side of the family.  Of course not everybody was able to make it, but it’s a good majority of us.PM FamilyThen it was off to the reception.  They did a great job in decorating the place and the cake looked like a sculpture!

Receptioncake!The Bridal party did a lil group dance after the couple did their first dance, which was pretty fun to watch.wobble wobbleAfter the reception festivities, we headed back to the hotel to relax.  It was a long day, so it was well deserved.  But we couldn’t rest for too long because the couple invited the family back to Biju’s house for some combined family timeOur friends Melvin and Sheba live in Atlanta now, so we headed to there place to spend some time with them.  They had other guest visiting as well, so it was fun meeting new people and just getting some time to hang out.  The best way to catch up with each other is over a good meal, so we picked up some ribs from Fat Matt’s and grubbed down!fat matt'stray of ribsribs & macI’m not that familiar with ribs, but so far, Georgia ribs are the best!  Not to discredit Texas… we’ve got brisket on lock, but these ribs from Fat Matt’s were awesome!

Sunday was a chill day for us.  We went down for breakfast to find a bunch of the cousins hanging out.  We chilled for a bit and chatted over breakfast.  It was nice.  cousinsWe didn’t want to burn the entire day, so we packed our bags, checked out of the hotel and headed to downtown.  We just wanted to see a bit of Atlanta, so we went to Centennial Park.IMG_0867Layla had a great time there.  It was a crazy to see 6 grown-ups do anything for a 1.5 year old! cenntenial parkThen we enjoyed a water show in the park as well… well, Blesson and I enjoyed it.  Layla looked kinda confused.water showAfter the park we hunted down a place to eat.  Yelp told us to go to Daddy D’z BBQ Joynt.Daddy D'zIt was a hole in the wall with sticky floors and no A/C… but the food and the service was AWESOME!  I would definitely go back!rib plateI had to get ribs again… I figured, when in Rome, do as the Romans, right?  Some of Blesson and Jolly’s friends were in town, so they joined us for lunch as well.  Lenie and Namritha were really nice people and it’s always fun to meet cool peeps!  Layla fell asleep for the entire meal, but we packed up grub for her as we headed to the airport.full stomachs With full stomachs, we headed to the airport, parted ways with Blesson and Jolly and headed back home.

It was a great weekend.  Any opportunity to hang with family is awesome and weddings are a great chance to get a lot of the family together.

Atlanta, you’re not too shabby.

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