Square Patio Table

I’m trying to get more woodworking projects under my belt, so I’m building a square patio table for our friends Earl, Asha and Maya.

After mapping out the project and buying the wood, I started with cutting all the wood to size.  Then I drilled my pocket holes to join everything together.

Pocket Holes

I’m doing a “picture frame” styled table, so I dry fitted everything just to see if it would work.  After seeing that it generally fit, I started putting it all together.

piecing the puzzle

And here’s the assembled table top:

finished table top

After some sanding and staining, it’s starting to look like a tabletop.


I decided to stain parts of the table separately to be sure to have good coverage.  After I knocked out the table top, I assembled the legs by joining 2×4’s together, then I sanded them all down pretty well and stained ’em.

stained legs

legs and frame stained

Then it was simply a matter of putting it all together (Layla supervised).  

pocket hole joinery

I used a scrap piece of wood to space everything out evenly.  I basically clamped it to the skirt/frame and lined it up flush with the leg.

spacing it out

Here’s a shot of the fully assembled table.

fully assembled

But I’m not done yet.  Once it was all pieced together, I needed to seal the entire table with polyurethane.  I started with the bottom, to get it out of the way.  I like to spend more time on the top of the table, since that’s the part people are using.  I just flipped it upside down and put it under a bright light so I can see what’s being covered.


After a few coats of polyurethane with sanding in between, it was ready to be delivered.  But first, Maya did a quick inspection.

Maya's inspection

She gave the seal of approval and they seem to be happy, which was a load off!  I was pretty nervous about if they would like it or not…

The Thomas' Table

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