July 4th Weekend!

This year the 4th fell on a weekday, so that made it a 3 day work week!  A grilling session was in order.  Benson (my friend/neighbor) graciously let me borrow his gas grill because my grill was at the church.  Here’s how I built the burgers:

I lined up my spices:

the line up

I bought a 10lbs roll of 80/20 beef.  It’s fatty, but that is where the flavor’s at!

80/20 beef!

Then I started to cut it down to size.  I used a serrated knife to make things easier.  I tried to make ’em about 1/2″ to 3/4″ thick.  I made an indentation in the center of each burger so that when the burger plumps up on the grill, it’ll get back to a flat burger.  I seasoned both sides of each burger.  The 10lbs made about 24 burgers.

cutting burgers

I grilled up the links first as an appetizer.


Then I grilled up the main event.

burgers on the grill!

I’m used to cooking with a charcoal grill, so I wasn’t familiar with the continuous flair ups.  My buddy Manju cleared it up for me.  Basically, a propane grill’s flair up will last forever since it’s a continuous stream of gas, whereas with charcoal, the flair up will eventually die down since the coal will just go out.

flair up!

Took me a while to get used to it, but eventually figured it out.  After the burgers where done, everyone just built their own burgers.

the beast

Sheena dressed up our backyard table with flowers and a table runner.

dressed up table

Friends came throughout the day.  I didn’t realize how hot it was.  Maybe the next project should be a ceiling fan for the patio.



full table


It’s always fun to have friends over and just hang out.  It was also nice finally breaking in the new backyard table!

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