Seeding the Lawn

My parent’s rental property was the house we grew up in.  When we lived there, we took a lot of pride in keeping up with the lawn.  I remember being out there every weekend mowing the lawn, which wasn’t a small feat.  It’s a corner lot, so the front yard is huge!

Over the years, we had various renters come in and out of that house.  Some were great… others, not soo much.  Our current renters are pretty good.  They take care of things around the house and have that “pride of ownership” that we did when we lived there.  But the tenants before them were the worst.  While they lived there, we spent a large sum of money re-sodding the lawn upon their request.  A few months later, we find out that all of the grass we laid was dead because they didn’t want to water the grass!  Money down the drain.

At no fault of our current tenant, the lawn progressively got worse and worse.  Now we have to step in (by the request of the Home Owner’s Association) to put some grass in.dead grass  I refuse to spend what we did previously, so we decided to try laying out some seed.

First I rented a tiller from Home Depot and stirred up the ground.  I did this just so the seed has something to hide in.

tilling the ground

After that, I simply laid out the seed with a hand spreader.  I made sure to cover as much ground as possible with seed.

grass seed

Then I set up a few sprinklers and asked the tenants to water the grass frequently.  It was recommended to do 10 minutes per day.  It’s just enough the keep the ground moist, but not enough to make the seed runoff.

watering the seeds

Supposedly, the grass will start sprouting within 2 to 3 weeks.  Hopefully, I’ll update this blog post with a picture of growing grass!

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