Eddapally – Lulu mall and the Beach

When my parents came back from India back in May, they raved about “Lulu Mall”.  I didn’t think a Mall could be such a big deal, especially since we have the Galleria and so many other shopping complexes in Houston.  But since we were in India, we had to check it out.  It’s close to the airport, so it was about a 2.5 hour drive.Kozh to Lulu Mall

It was pretty impressive!  It had a huge variety of stores and was really clean and well designed.  On our way back from Lulu Mall, we took a quick detour and checked out a local beach.  I totally forgot what the beach name was, but it was close to Cochin.  Getting there was a bit spooky.  The road that lead to the beach was surrounded by water.  Kinda crazy!

Here’s a video highlight of that day:

WARNING:  This video may be boring to you since it’s basically home video of our family vacation.

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