Going to Vagamon

I know this is late and out of the blue, but this post has been sitting in my “draft” section for some time now.  I figured, better late then never, right?

Vagamon is a city in the mountainous region of Kerala.  It’s very beautiful and covered with tea estates, rubber estates and glorious views of all of it.  From Kozhenchery, it took about 2.5 hours to drive up there.Kozh to Vagamon

I stole a few pics from Sheena’s Facebook account to share with y’all!

hills Mom got courageous and stepped out on the edge of the cliff!mom on the edge Here are a couple of shots of the tea estates we drove by.  They are massive and meticulously hand picked creating beautiful rows of tea bushes all across the mountains.more tea tea estate On our way up, there was a quick pit-stop right next to this beautiful waterfall.  We stepped out to snap a pic, but when you look down, you can see people taking a bath under the falls!  So it’s really pretty, as long as you don’t look down!waterfall

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