Sheena’s 30th Birthday!!!

Sheena’s birthday is on Valentine’s day.  This birthday in particular is special because it’s her 30th!  So in honor of that, I decided to show y’all 30 of my most favorite pics of my lovely bride (in no particular order)!

This pic is from before I knew Sheena.  I love it:sheena dancing queen

This one is from when we were just friends.  Well, I liked her and she didn’t know that she liked me yet:young friends

Here’s a few shots of us shortly after we got together.sheena cuddlesheena bike ride sheena choke hold sheena love sheena saj younger

Here are some misc pics of my lovely lady:sheena ava sheena happy sheena lunch sheena painter sheena serena sheena washington 2 sheena washingtonsheena saj dancing

Here’s a lovely shot from our wedding day.beautiful bride

I love this pic because of the shock on her face from all the people at my parent’s house greeting us after we got married.marriage surprise

Here’s a shot from our honeymoon in Jamaicasheena honeymoon

Here’s a few shots from some of our travels, like when we climbed Machu Picchusheena saj peru

Or canoed in Puerto Ricosheena canoe

When we were expecting Layla, we were able to get some great shots of Sheena!sheena in the wind sheena saj prego picsheena prego

After Layla popped out, there are even more great pics of Sheena!sheena coffee sheena layla saj sheena laylabug sheena walking layla sporty sheena

But my absolute most favorite pic (as of now) is this one of her uterus… cause she’s carrying our 2nd baby!IMG_1932

God is good.  I am blessed to have such a wonderful person in my life.  Happy Birthday Sheena!  I love you.. but more than that, I also like you a lot…

Sheena beach

7 Replies to “Sheena’s 30th Birthday!!!”

  1. Man – that was a great ending!! Congrats to you both!! And happpppy birthdaaay Sheeena!!


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