Ice Storm 2014!

I hope everyone survived the Ice Storm of 2014, and I also hope that it doesn’t return!  Friday (1/24/14) was our first real hit in Houston.  Seems like the entire city shut down, and rightfully so.  We’re just not prepared for that sorta weather.  Hurricanes, Flash Floods, extreme heat… we got that covered… but send a lil ice our way and we don’t know what to do with ourselves.  Sheena and I both were debating about going to work, but luckily both of our employers decided to either shut down for the day or have a late start.  Layla’s school was shut down, so it worked out that we could all just stay home.  We did “tough” the storm to go to my parent’s house.  My car was iced out since it stays outside, so Layla and I took Sheena’s car.iced out IMG_1893 After we got to my parent’s house, Layla wanted to do a jam session, so we did… She was singing “Counting Stars” by OneRepublicIMG_1897Friday was an actual threat.  There were accidents on the road, people getting injured by slipping on ice and things of that nature.  But we had a potential repeat of Friday’s weather that came to us on Tuesday (1/28/14).  The news reports made it out to be way worse than what we experienced on Friday, so understandable so, the entire city shut down!  Sheena, Layla and I hung out at the house, but we noticed that it really wasn’t all that bad.  Since we were stuck at home, we had a nice slow start to our day.  We made some crescent rolls w/brown sugar and chai!IMG_1904 We hung out at the house for most of the day.  For lunch we were able to meet up with Earl, Asha and Maya at Fat Bao.  A nice little surprise in the middle of the “ice storm”.  After lunch it was just more sitting around at the house.  Layla got comfortable in her lil chair and her Minnie Mouse dolls and watched a bit of TV.IMG_1905I broke away later that night to go to BSF, but outside of that, it was a pretty slow, relaxing day.

It’s kinda nice to be forced to do nothing for a while.  Although Tuesday’s storm was really not a major threat, the city thought it’d be better to lean on the side of caution.  I’m not complaining cause it allowed me to hang with my girls!


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