Moving Dad back to Houston!

Over 10 years ago, my Dad picked up a job in Brenham, TX.  The previous company he worked for was bought out and they closed up shop leaving a lot of people unemployed.  Although Dad had to work in Brenham, he was actually one of the luckier ones to actually land a job so quickly.  When he moved out there, all of us thought it would be a temporary thing.  We would find something for him in Houston, so he wouldn’t have to make the drive out there.  But he grew to like the place and the people.  At first he would make the 1.5hr drive there and back everyday, but that was just too draining.  Then he got himself an apartment.  For about 10 years, he lived in Brenham during the week and came home on the weekends.  My Mom hated it.  She was basically by herself during the week and to top it off, she was always stressed about cooking enough food to send with Dad for the week.

This past Friday was Dad’s last day of work.  He retired!  So I rented a trailer and helped Dad move back home. load 'em upHere’s a shot of the trailer all loaded up.  Not very much stuff, but some how it filled up a 6×12 trailer.IMG_2075and here’s the emptied out apartment:IMG_2074Dad wasted no time!  He had everything boxed up and ready to roll.  Mom and Layla rolled up with me.  As soon as we pulled in, we (Dad and I) started loading up and before I knew it we were already driving back to Houston.  Layla and Mom rolled back with Dad.  I drove back solo.  Apparently Dad thought it was unsafe for Layla to ride in the truck hauling a loaded trailer (What about me then?).  We made it back to their house in about an hour and a half.back to HoustonDad and I unloaded the trailer, while Layla supervised.  I was anticipating spending a lot more time with this move, but I left my house around 9ish (loaded up Layla, filled up gas, got donuts, picked up Mom, got the trailer at Uhaul, drove to Brenham, loaded up the trailer, drove  back to Houston, unloaded the trailer, brought the trailer back to Uhaul) and got back home around 3ish.  6 hours.  I was anticipating at least 10 hours!  It was a pleasant surprise!

Sunday Mom threw a surprise retirement party lunch with some of Dad’s friends at Bombay Palace.  He didn’t have a clue, which makes it that much more fun.  Here are some shots from the lunch:IMG_2101 IMG_2105I know Dad’s a bit worried about what he’s going to do with his time now.  Little does he know, he’ll be watching and raising our kids full time!

2 Replies to “Moving Dad back to Houston!”

  1. Congratulations Uncle. Happy Retirement

    Sajan, you should of called me to help with the move and for lunch…


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