Weekend Review [May 4th 2014]

The weekend was surprisingly busy.  Friday was a day off from work because of our office move, but Dad and I mulched both of our houses (see prior blog).  Saturday, Sheena and Layla were signed up for the Telfair Charity Walk.  We’ve done this walk a few time in the prior years, but this year, we skipped the walk and hung out for the festivities, including playing on the playground.IMG_2237 Here’s a shot of Layla resting on her baby bro while Sheena enjoys a refreshing lemonade.  IMG_2238After the festivities, we chilled at home for a quick sec, then headed to Pearland to check out Joseph’s Nursery with Sheena’s Mom.  Layla wanted to push her stroller around.IMG_2239 Then Layla started collecting rocks and putting ’em in her pocket.IMG_2240I had a last minute emergency at a gig, so we had to leave the nursery early and not purchase anything, but it was good to at least get some ideas.

That evening, Pokie invited us to have crawfish.  Can’t pass up an opportunity to eat crawfish!IMG_2241 IMG_2242

Sunday was a busy one.  After church I had a meeting about the IPC Family Conference and then that evening we were invited to Vicky’s dedication (Benson and Marsha’s daughter).  Here’s a shot of Pokie and the kiddos.IMG_2243Surprisingly busy, but overall a great weekend!

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