Weekend Review [Mother’s Day 2014]

This past weekend was Mother’s Day.  But before I go into that, it was also Maya’s birthday!  We stopped by during the week for a cup of tea.IMG_2252Friday was a pretty chill day.  Just hung out at the house.  But Saturday morning we had a garage sale at our house.  If you recall from a previous post, we participated in a community garage sale, but everything we wanted gone didn’t get sold, so we figured we’d try out luck again.  We live in the front of our neighborhood, so Sheena made a sign that I taped on to the back of my trailblazer and I simply parked it in the entrance of the neighborhood.sign 2 signSheena and Layla were prepping the items to sell.  We “opened” at 8am and finished up by 11am.  Not too long, but we did clear out a lot of our stuff (we really didn’t have much to begin with).IMG_2259 IMG_2260 IMG_2261I think our individual sale went better than the community sale.  It was easier to just set out on to our own driveway rather than hauling it to another location, although having the extra walking traffic at the community garage sale was helpful.

Whatever didn’t sell was tossed in the back of my truck and hauled to Penny Wise to be donated.IMG_2263 IMG_2264Luckily it’s very close to my house, which is super convenient!

Although we didn’t do much except for sitting in our driveway, the sun really stole our energy… so we just kicked it at the house.  I had to run some errands with my Dad, but Layla and Sheena got to rest up a bit.  While I was gone, Lisa came by and chilled for a bit.  Then later that day Pokie, Julie, Ava and CJ came by the house and kicked it.  It’s nice to have company over.

Sunday after church we invited my folks, Sheena’s mom and Shane to come over for a Mother’s Day lunch.

I grilled up some chickenrawcookedSauteed some zucchini and squashzucchiniI also made some Garlic Butter Rice… but forgot to snap a pic of it.  It was a nice day, so we decided to eat outside.IMG_2269


After lunch the Moms wanted to go to Costco.  Since it was Mother’s Day, how was I supposed to say no, right?  So we made a family trip out there.  We always over buy when we go to those warehouse stores… but can’t complain.  Overall, another great weekend!

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