Weekend Review [May 16th 2014]

This weekend we decided to finally visit Hope.  My cousin Wes and Kasey adopted Hope (their 2nd daughter) and they’ve been back from India for about 5 weeks and we still haven’t visited!  So after a long day of cleaning our house on Saturday morning, we made the trip to Kingwood to spend time with the Mathews!  It was great to finally meet Hope.  Priya’s always fun and Layla loves spending time with her.  Since the weather was soo great, we spent most of our visit in the backyard.IMG_2277The girls played together for a bit on the swing/slide and sand box, then Wes and I joined the girls and played soccer.  Kasey made some awesome sliders and corn on the cob, so we grubbed on that.  The girls seems happy with just corn.  It was sweet to see Layla wanting to do everything that Priya and Hope were doing.IMG_2281 After we ate, we played baseball in the backyard.  Priya let Layla use her shin guards and glove.IMG_2282It was great to spend time with family but it was so much greater to finally meet Hope!

Sunday after church we hung out for a bit.  Layla and Sheena went to visit Mom in Pearland, so I had some time to myself to work on a small woodworking project.  I also had time to grill some food for the week, which was nice.  Any reason to be outside and enjoy the awesome weather we’ve been having.  After the girls came back from Pearland, we decided to check out the Stafford volleyball courts because Pokie set up a game.IMG_2291 Layla played with Abby (Bobin and Alphie’s daughter).  They had a good time making “cake” out of sand and singing happy birthday to each other.  The odd thing was Sherin was actually having more fun with making cakes than the lil ones were… IMG_2292 To show you how serious Pokie is about the game, here’s a shot of him wearing his prescription goggles.  He’s so official.IMG_2294Another great weekend!

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