Craig’s Wedding

My friend/co-worker, Craig Richey got hitched to a great gal named Michelle Malick over the weekend.  I had to honor of being one of his groomsmen!  It was a really great wedding.  His brother presided over the ceremony and did an amazing job.

This was shortly after the “I do’s”IMG_2399The reception was at 5226 Elm St.  A really cool lil venue.   IMG_2400Craig’s a huge Steelers fan, so it was fitting that there was a Steelers cake!IMG_2402 …but you’ve gotta have the traditional cake as wellIMG_2403 Here’s a shot of their first dance.IMG_2407 The venue had some pretty cool picture spots, so we had to take advantage of it!IMG_2408 Here’s the couple cutting the cake.IMG_2411 The Bride with her father…IMG_2412 and the groom with his mom…IMG_2417 Here’s a quick snap of the bride’s maidsIMG_2418 and another shot of the happy couple…IMG_2419 before Sheena and Layla went home, I had to snap a quick family selife!IMG_2423Overall , it turned out to be a really great wedding.  It was nice to see some of my co-workers outside of work.  Meeting Craig and Michelle’s family and friends was a nice treat as well.  Really great people.  Cheers to the newlyweds!

One Reply to “Craig’s Wedding”

  1. I was so sorry I missed the wedding! Thanks for the pictures and dialogue, Sajan. Such a beautiful couple … Just like you and Sheena, I see many gorgeous babies in their future!


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