Weekend Review [July 4th, 2014]

This July 4th was a long weekend… which is always welcomed!  Since Friday was our day off, Sheena, Layla and I went to Kingwood to visit my cousins Wes and Kasey.  Layla loves going there because she gets to play with her cousins, Priya and Hope!  My friends Tik and Silky came as well.  It was nice to just hang with all of ’em!  Silky brought some decorative stickers for the girls.  Priya, Hope and Layla loved it!  Here are some shots of the gals soaking it all in.

IMG_2545 IMG_2557

They moved to the bathroom to apply the henna styled stickers

IMG_2560 IMG_2561 IMG_2565

Then the girls had to switch outfits to match their stickers!  Luckily Priya had a salwar that fit Layla as well!

IMG_2568 IMG_2571

I don’t know how his happened, but Priya ended up giving Layla a horsey ride….

IMG_2572 IMG_2573

The next day was the 4th of July.  And what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the 4th?  Tacos!!! Right?  So we hosted a Taco Party at our house.  I know tacos aren’t your typical 4th of July grub, but it was easy and delicious, so we ran with it.  I wasn’t able to snap a bunch of pics, but here’s what I got.

IMG_2577 IMG_2578

Nicky brought some bubbles when he came over, so they enjoyed blowing bubbles outside.


You can’t tell by the pics, but the house was packed.  People and kiddos were everywhere.  I didn’t realize how small our house really is!  It’s been a while since we’ve hosted our friends, so it was great to have a bunch of ’em over!  Sheena bought a pretty cool chalk board table runner with dust-less chalk.  It was a fun thing for Layla to draw on, but our guest took a liking to it as well.



Unfortunately, you can’t control the mean people of the world.  Mind you, I invited these people over to my house to enjoy tacos that I made for them…  and this is what they write…


I’d hate to identify the person who wrote this but, I’ll give you a clue…. she’s not a fan of hugs….


Although it was a Friday, it felt like a Saturday.  So knowing that I could wake up Saturday morning and do nothing was a great feeling… and that was exactly what I did.  Outside of  running a few errands and cleaning up a bit, the rest of the weekend was pretty chill.  Saturday night, Sheena’s cousin Ancy and her husband Subin invited us to their baby’s dedication, so we attended that.  My uncle & aunt came in to town from Dallas to visit my Dad, so I was able to see them as well.  Just some random things throughout the entire weekend… Good times!



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