G-Tribe Retreat – Dallas 2014

My childhood friends and I (G-Tribe) live in different cities now.  Some in Austin, some in Dallas and some in Houston.  We try our best to do an annual retreat so that we can all just kick it.  It’s usually at someone’s house and we all just spend the entire weekend together.  This past weekend was our retreat and it was in Dallas!  Sheil and Maya hosted us in their beautiful home.  Here’s a few fun shots from the weekend.IMG_2470 Maya made mason jar mugs for us with our names on ’em!IMG_2474 The kiddos got along very well!IMG_2483 IMG_2488 The guys broke off to watch the game at Buffalo Wild Wings.IMG_2491 The girls were so sweet and thew Sheena a baby sprinkle.  First they had a nice lunch at the house, while the guys were away.  Then they all went out for pedicures while the guys watched the kids. When they got back we opened up all the gifts.  Once Sheena and I started seeing all of the lil boy clothes, reality hit that we’re actually having a baby boy!IMG_2492 Although it was hot, we spent a lot of time in the backyard making up random games.  It was fun and the kids enjoyed being outside as well!IMG_2507 IMG_2508 IMG_2509 IMG_2510 Master chef Sheil was grilling up fajitas on Saturday night.  IMG_2511 Maya got the gals matching pj’s for Saturday night.  Too cute to handle!IMG_2515 Nathan was the only boy there, but the gals showed him love too.IMG_2522 Tik and Nathan were in matching pj’s too!IMG_2525 Sunday morning after an awesome breakfast that Rita and Maya made, we all sat around the TV and looked at all the pics and videos we took over the weekend.IMG_2533Great weekend!  We don’t always get to hang out like we used to, so it’s awesome to be able to get together occasionally and spend a weekend together.  It’s also awesome to see how G-Tribe has grown… from 6 guys, to adding our beautiful wives and then our amazing kids…  I’m just happy that we’re still this close after soo many years!

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