Labor Day Weekend Review

Long weekends are the best.  Friday we just hung at the house.


Saturday morning I put Layla to work in packing and labeling our boxes for the move.



For lunch our cousins Wes and Kasey came over to visit.  Layla LOVES Priya and Hope, so she was super excited about the day.  Layla’s like a like a little doll to them!


Blesson and Jolly whipped up some awesome food, so we all hung out at our parent’s house.  I didnt snap a pic of the burgers, but here’s a shot of Blesson making a frozen chocolate banana dessert.IMG_2850


The rest of us sat around while Blesson and Jolly did all the work.


After lunch we headed to our new house to do a “palacacha”.  Its a tradition where the lady of the house first turns on the stove and boils over some milk.  We made chai with it!  My Dad prayed over the house and we all just hung out for a bit.


Afterwards, some of Sheena’s cousins stopped by as well.

Sunday, I headed to the new house again to clean things up.  We had a cleaning lady come help as well.  There wasn’t much to be cleaned, but we just wanted to give it a good cleaning while it was empty.  I was pretty exhausted after that.  When I finally got home, I found the kiddos taking a nap.


After lunch we got a visit from my friends Cordelia and Peter.  They were in town for the long weekend, so it was great seeing them, but it was even better being able to meet their cute lil son!



Monday we took the whole family to a few stores and then went to my parent’s house for lunch.  After that, Sheena and I moved a few boxes to the new house.   That evening my folks and Sheena’s Mom came over the give Ezra a bath.  My folks made up a tradition of making coconut oil for the newborns to give them a nice massage.  The process of making just a jar of the coconut oil is a laborious 8 to 10 hour process!  They made some for Layla, Bruce and now Ezra.  Once we got everything prepped for the massage, we saw that Layla dipped right in and started the massage.  It was hilarious!


After Layla kicked it off, my folks continued while Layla assisted.



After my folks and Layla finished the massage, Sheena’s mom took him to have his bath.  Needless to say, he felt great afterwards.




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