Buying a house is all fun and games until you have to actually move.  When we moved from our 1st house to the 2nd, we used a moving company that came in and boxed everything up for us, hauled it out and un-boxed it for us too!  The only reason we used them was because it was a great deal and we didn’t have that much stuff to move making the overall cost pretty low.  Now we’ve collected a size-able amount of crap, so the quotes I’m getting are pretty high.  Moving company charge by the hour, so in an effort to save on the cost with the moving company, I’ve decided to box up and move as much as I could myself and only use the moving company to move the larger items.  The house is close enough to our current house where I wouldn’t mind doing multiple trips to move stuff.  I found some boxes online (via Amazon) so I bought a package of various sizes to get started.


I figured I could start packing the “non-essentials” first just so that was out of the way.  Layla was excited to help, so we started with her stuffed animals.  Here’s a shot of her throwing in one of her beloved toys:


Here’s a peak into her professional packing.  Pretty good for a 2yr old!


Over the next few days, I would casually pack what I deemed to be “non-essential”.  Packing a few boxes every night makes it very manageable and not overwhelming at all.


Seeing things boxed up is encouraging.  With the new baby, during the day (while he’s awake) I like to try and spend some time with him and Layla, so I do most of the packing at night before I go to bed.  Sheena makes time during the day while Ezra’s sleeping to pack up as well.

After we closed on the house we slowly brought things into the new house over the course of 2 weeks.  Since the current house and new house aren’t too far away, it wasn’t too bad to make multiple trips.

I didn’t want to break my back on the larger items (refrigerator, washer/dryer, bedroom furniture, living room furniture, etc..) so we hired the pros to take care of that.  BEST DECISION EVER.  They took care of those big items like it was nothing.


Halfway through loading up…


cramping the last bit of stuff….


The truck ran out of space, so they loaded up a few things in my lil truck as well.


After everything was cleared out of the old house, I hired a cleaning service to make it shine.  They did an amazing job!  It was cleaner than the day we moved in!  We’re going to be renting out the old house, so we wanted to make sure everything looked as clean as possible.











Kinda sad to see it so empty, but glad that its ready to rent!

Now we’re at the new house and slowly getting settled in.  It’s taking some time to actually unpack all of the boxes, hang up pictures, mount tv’s, etc… but it’s all good.  We’ve got all the essentials in place and its immediately feeling like home.



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