Layla’s 3rd Birthday!

My lil girl is 3 years old!  It’s crazy how fast the time flies!  Seeing how quickly things happen with Layla makes us soak up as much “baby time” with Ezra as possible.  This year we did a small birthday party at our house on Sunday for lunch.  Nothing big, just family, a few friends and pizza.

Sheena made a cake from scratch along with cupcakes.





Blesson and Jolly got Layla a princess dress up kit (if you know Sheena, you know how much she “loves” princesses).  Layla really does loves that kinda stuff, so they opened it immediately…


… and got dressed up


Too much food = lounge time


After Ava and Elijah got wind that Layla and Olivia were playing dress up, they had to join in on the fun!  We didn’t feel right putting a dress on Big E, so we gave him my Batman t-shirt and he became the Dark Knight!


Afterwards, Grandma brought out her gift, a baby grand piano with a built in microphone!  Layla serenaded us with her favorite songs.


Monday is her actual birthday, so we did another party at her school, so she could celebrate with her classmates!  While she was still in class, Sheena and I set up the tables in the lobby.  Sheena made some more homemade cupcakes for Layla’s class.



Before I even got there, Sheena had already laid out the table cloth, hats and plates… so all I did was place the cupcakes!


Layla’s class made her a card where they all “signed” it and posted a huge picture of her!


When Layla came out, she was super happy to see us!  After they were seated and settled down, the class started singing happy birthday.



Layla was trying to offer her best friend Aubrey her Birthday Crown.


This was right before she blew out the candle



She had a great time!  Happy Birthday Layla!



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