Installing door mini blinds

At the new house, we’ve got a full glass door.  It’s awesome to let a ton of natural light in (which we love), but it doesn’t really provide much privacy.


We decided to install some mini blinds to give us the option of privacy.  Now stores offer enclosed blinds.  This is great for a door because having the blinds enclosed eliminates the issue of the blinds swinging around and banging against the door every time it’s opened and shut.

After I purchased the right size for my door (there were only 2 different sizes), I got to work.  There are screws which hold the glass on to the door via a frame.  Our screws were concealed with a putty that I assume the previous owner put in to make it look nicer, which it did, but it was just an added step for me.  I had to strip out the putty and loosen a few of the screws.

filled with putty

Then I installed the lower spacers by prying the frame off the door slightly and sliding in the provided metal spacers on each side of the door.


The spacers are necessary for a clip to squeeze into place to make sure everything sits snug.  Next I did the same with the upper clips.  Essentially, the blinds enclosure hangs on these clips and are locked in place with the lower clips.

top clip

After I got all the clips in, I cleaned off the inner part of the enclosed blinds and the inner part of the glass door.


There’s a filler section that I removed to make space for the locks.  After that,  it was just a matter of hanging the actual enclosure on the door and locking it in place.


You’ll notice that we have a handle instead of a knob.  It’s a little annoying to maneuver the handle which is millimeters away from the frame of the blinds, but it’s not a deal breaker.  Overall, installation was pretty straight forward and simple!  If you have a door like mine, or a door that has a half window, and you’re considering getting blinds like this, don’t pay someone else to install it.  You can easily do it yourself in a matter of 20 minutes.  The only tool you’ll need is a screw driver!

3 Replies to “Installing door mini blinds”

  1. wow. That is good info! You should have made this a youtube video.


  2. I know this is an old post. However we moved into a house with these exact mini blinds installed on the back doors. The pully clip has broken off so we are unable to raise or lower the mini blinds. Any chance you know where we can get replacements? I have looked all over google and hardware stores and cant find anything like it. Thank you for any help/info you can offer.


    1. Hi Sandra! Home Depot recently helped me out by giving my some of their scrap parts from their mini blind section. It wasn’t for this particular mini blind set up but if you’re lucky, they’ll have the spare part you need, but its all a game of chance. If not, I think the entire set up is roughly $100 if you needed to replace the whole thing. It’s pretty easy to set up. Good luck!


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