Weekend Review [Oct 3rd. 2014]

This weekend was relatively relaxed.  Saturday morning we scheduled a “work day” for my small A/V company (Clear Concept Media) to do some inventory and cleaning.  Since that was going to take a few hours, Sheena and I invited the families to come over for brunch.  While Pokie, Siju and I worked in the backyard, Sheena (Siju’s wife), Julie (Pokie’s wife) and Sheena (my wife), made some awesome grub!  Once it was ready, we immediately took a break from our work to chow down.


While we ate, the kiddos played upstairs.  Ezra slept for the most part.



After the CCM stuff was done, our friends Pratik and Silky came by to visit.  Sheena’s mom and brother came by as well.  They ended up taking Layla with them to spend the night, so Sheena, Ezra and I decided to go to Gallery Furniture on the Northside of town to check out some living room furniture.  That place has changed!  It’s quite the destination now!  Lots of great furniture, monkeys and birds to look at, nicely designed rooms to give you idea on how to decorate… I mean, its not the Gallery Furniture that I remember growing up!

On our journey back, we were cutting through downtown.  Sheena came up with the idea of visiting our friend Lisa since we had the time.  She was at a friends place (Arianna), so we ended up going there.  Such an awesome spot to live in.  EaDo is pretty awesome now and their loft was something to be envied!  Ari ordered pizza from District 7 Grill.  I didn’t even know they made pizza…. I had a slice… they offered a second slice, but I was trying to be polite, but I shoulda ate it when I had the chance!  It was awesome.  Ari, next time we come over, I’m not going to be so polite!

Sunday morning we got up and got ready for church.  Lil man, wore overalls…. to church.  Kids these days…..


After church, Sheena, Ezra and I made a trip to Ikea (just to get some ideas).  It was a bunch of driving, so we were all pretty tired, but after some afternoon chai, Sheena and Ezra headed to Pearland to get Layla and I went to my parent’s house to pressure wash their driveway.  My brother, Blesson ended up doing to job for me, so I went back home and mow my lawn.  When I came back, I found Ezra and Brucey having a staring contest.


Overall a pretty chill weekend.


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