Weekend Review [Oct 17th 2014]

This weekend, we did some furniture shopping for the new house.  It’s fun, but not so fun.  Fun because we get to see all these new styles of furniture that’s out there and test ’em all out.  Not so fun because we have to see all the new style of furniture that’s out there and test ’em all out.  But it wasn’t all furniture shopping…  Friday we tried out El Pollo Loco that just opened up close to the house.


Never been before, but we liked it!  Good food, decent prices.  Can complain about any of that.

Saturday morning we headed to 1st Baptist Church for Hope’s birthday party!  Hope is my cousin’s 2nd daughter.  Its always fun to get together with family.  We had a great time.





After the birthday party, we did more furniture shopping, which tired out the kiddos and us.

Sunday after church we spent some time traumatizing Ezra in his big sister’s old swing… He loves the swing, but I don’t think he likes all the pink….


Then we headed over to my parents’s house.


He felt much better in his cousin’s more neutral, gender friendly seat.


The Ezra and Brucey kicked it for a bit.  I think Brucey was checking out the button on Ezra’s shirt.


Sunday evening, we visited our friends Lisa and Sherene at their new place in the 3rd Ward.  Really nice place… so nice that we wanted to snap a family photo there!  But Sherene sorta ruined it by sneaking her way in.


She seemed a little more 2 dimensional than usual….

Overall a great weekend!  I like having these productive weekends, but with the new house it seems like there’s always something more to do.  We’ll eventually get to all the projects we want to have done, but for now we’ll just ride the wave.


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