Happy New Year!!!

U2 said it best… Nothing changes on New Years Day… but we make a big deal of the coming year, and rightfully so.  It’s a chance to have a clean slate.  Start fresh.  Be better.  2014 was awesome for us.  God’s been soo great!  Our baby boy, Ezra was born.  My nephew Bruce was born.  We moved into our new home.  Friends got married.  We did a few trips… Overall an awesome and busy year!  I’ve got great expectations for 2015 as well!

New Years Eve for us was a debate.  We were invited to a friends house party, which we were super excited to go to, but we realized that we’re parents, and we probably shouldn’t keep the kids out late and make them miserable…. but after deliberating, we opted to be bad parents and went anyway.  We figured, even if we stayed for 15 minutes, it would at least cut up our day with the process of getting ready, driving out there, chatting with a few people, then heading back.  The alternative would have been to sit at home and do nothing, eventually falling asleep at 9:30pm.  Luckily, the kids did great.

Here’s a shot with the hosts, Sherene and Lisa.  They set up a really cool backdrop… perfect for pics!

NYE Party 2014

What’s the New Year without a New Year’s kiss, right?


Ezzy was caught off guard by his sis!


For New Years Day, Blesson set up brunch at Black Walnut



I was surprised to find that anything was open, but on the drive there, it seemed like a regular business day, which I guess it was.

On Saturday, we were lucky enough to go to a family and friends viewing of a documentary about Hope, our niece.  It basically mapped out the journey that Wes and Kasey took for the adoption of their second daughter.  Lizi Bailey kick things off with a few songs.  I’ve mentioned it in a previous post, but she’s got an amazing voice!


Here’s another unclear shot of her singing.


Here’s a quick peek of the viewing


Afterwards, Robby (Kasey’s brother) asked Wes, Kasey, Priya and Hope to come up so that they can be prayed for.



Needless to say, the whole thing was emotional, but awesome.  The documentary painted such a vivid picture of the journey through adoption and the joys that it brings.  It was very encouraging!

Afterwards, everyone hung out for a bit.  The kids started to get restless and started playing with the cups.  Blesson, somehow rounded them up and got them to stack cups instead of running wild.  That worked for about 15 minutes until the stack collapsed!  Then the insanity cranked back up again.



Here’s a shot of Tik and Silky with the 4 girls.  Yes, I said 4!  Hope, Priya, Layla and Baby Patel!


Great times!  Usually, people list out their resolutions for the new year.  I’ve got a few, but more than any resolution, I’m just thankful for all that’s already been established.  Family, Friendships, Community… there’s too much to list.  Here’s to another awesome year!  Make the most of it!


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